Back together?

  • Question asked by Antoinette:

    Will I get back together with my ex boyfriend that I still love so much?

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  • The result is side 2 of the 1969 album ‘Puzzle People by the Temptations!

    Listen to me, little darlin’
    The road of love is rough sometimes
    But don’t let it get the best of you
    I’ve been hurt by love so many times
    I know just what you’re goin’ through
    You wish you were never born
    You’ve got to forget him now that he’s gone

  • This is a strange side to an album. It rides from sweet love to grief to obsession, to resignation… and then turns towards a world of greater consciousness:  community action and inner liberation. The journey from heartbreak is a difficult one but with your strength and determination you will find happiness and a new sense of purpose.

  • You will need the warrior spirit of Ogun on your journey. Eat meat or black beans, keep your iron levels up.

    But don’t go crazy on the rum  😉

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