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A Good Relationship

  • Question asked by Cheryl:

    Will there be a good relationship for me?

  • Your question has been given to our guest reader- Luna Benita Star. Luna is an old-time spiritual fortune teller who works with a crystal ball, magic mirrors and tarot cards. You can find out more about her at . Please consider making a donation to the reader's chosen charity: Noah's Ark
  • Cards drawn in Luna’s spread: 2 of Swords, 2 of Wands The Moon, The hanged man The Tower, The Chariot, King of Pentacles, 10 of Pentacles Page of Pentacles and 9 of Cups

  • Interpretation: You have gone through a loss in the near past when your relationship didn’t work out and it felt like your world fell down on you. Everything changed, your life changed. And you still carry with you this resentment that has transformed itself into a psychological form of trauma leading you to worry and focus on your job above all things. You believe that work will keep you away from suffering. And by acting in such way, you don’t see what is around you and you don’t notice and don’t make way for love to come to you. Your future is your choice to make and you are already victorious in that way as you are finally giving yourself some space to feel happy and loved again. The new work you have just started, after being so undecided in the past, has made you feel more balanced: this work will flourish and bring you much wealth. If you choose to be focusing only on working and gathering wealth, love will pass you by and your love wish will not come true; but you will have your family love and even more opportunities for success in relation to your money making career. And now that you know you must open yourself even more to love and be aware that it will come to you, I am hoping and I am positive that you will take better care of your heart and love will come to you. Remember that love will come if you allow it to.

  • I suggest for you to wear any item of jewellery that contains Rose Quartz gemstone to heal your heart and to drink a tea comprised of dried flowers of Jasmine, Rose, Lavender and Vanilla beans or extract. You may use these same ingredients in a hot bath. I hope this has shed some light into your life. Thank you for the opportunity of letting me take a peek at your destiny. Hugs and blessings, Luna Star

What’s my next step?

  • Question asked by Joanne:

    Whats my next step to be on my spiritual path?

  • Your question has been given to our guest reader- eRasputin. He works with the Thoth deck by Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris. You can find out more about him at . Please consider making a donation to the reader's chosen charity: Shelter
  • Cards drawn in the ‘Window Overlooking the Stairway’ spread (read as drawn from bottom to top):

    Bottom: The Hermit

    Step 2: Three of Wands

    Step 3: The Tower

    Step 4: Eight of Cups

    Window: Princess of Swords

  •  Interpretation:

    I’ve used the Thoth Tarot, which is my speciality, and I use a technique known as ‘Elemental Dignity’ rather than reversed cards. This technique uses the elemental and astrological correspondences of the Tarot Cards to decide whether they have a good meaning or a bad meaning, which allows me to have shades of grey, instead of the GOOD/BAD system of card reversals (upsidedown cards shuffled randomly into the deck,) which I find silly and not representative of real life.

    I put down five cards for you, in a spread I was taught by a Tarot reader from Osaka. The spread is called called ‘The Window Overlooking the Stairway’ (I’m told it sounds a lot better in Japanese.) Here we your four steps up, exploring the direction you need to go in, and the window overlooking it all, which is a card giving some advice that you might not have thought about before.

    So, we start at the bottom of the stairs, with a card that represents your general situation at the moment – here we have The Hermit. He’s a major arcana, a card representing a general situation in your life rather than a set of specific choices you’ve made. I’d say that at the moment things you previously held dear are falling away and seeming less important, perhaps you’re reaching a new phase of life or some projects/commitments are coming to their natural end. Either way, you’re finding yourself withdrawn from things and feeling that the WHY of things is more important than the WHAT/WHERE. You’re seeking answers, and they’re taking you away from what you know.

    The Next step up is what to increase. Here we have the Three of Wands. What to increase is your ambition and progress – take the new aspects of your life, the elements you want to enhance, and run with them. From this card I’d say that although you’re asking what your next step should be, there is a specific new path already open, and you’d be well advised to explore it.

    Step Three is what to decrease. This step is The Tower. In Jainism, before someone can devote their life to the study of a spiritual path they have to achieve ‘right livelihood,’ the practise of creating an equilibrium in their daily life that gives them the stability to concentrate on enlightenment. I’d suggest this card is telling you the same thing – achieve stability so that you can advance. Remove the tensions in your life, make sure your incomings and outgoings match and balance yourself against emotional strife. Once you’ve got this balance you’ll be able to move on.

    Step Four, the top of the stairs, represents the way forward. This card is the Eight of Cups, and it represents discipline and emotional objectivity. It isn’t an easy card, as doing what you know should be done, and having to obey rules instead of following your instincts can feel restrictive and joyless, but this is your next step. Here we have a card that shows now is not the time to indulge the self and follow your instincts. Now is the time to exercise self discipline and do what you know objectively should be done. Point yourself at the most difficult, restrictive path and head for it!

    Finally, we have the window overlooking the stairway. This card is a piece of general advice to think about through all of the steps. This card is the Princess of Swords. She represents a young, undeveloped force with a lot of potential. She is the Earthy part of Air, and as such there is a little friction between the Airy and Earthy parts of her nature. When crystals and dust travel in the air, we get lightning and thunder. This is the Princess’ way of bringing the high concepts of Air into fruition by dragging them down to earth. Its advice to you is to seek your spiritual path in the difficult, the dull and the mundane. Seek the spiritual in your everyday troubles and obligations, at work, at home, with friends and family. That is the next stage of your spiritual path.

Necronomicon Tarot

The following is a review by our guest reader-  Sharnie.

The Necronomicon Tarot is a beautifully illustrated deck based on H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. The artwork for this deck was created by Anne Stokes under the direction of Donald Tyson to fit in with his novels which are an expansion of and homage to Lovecraft’s mythos. As such, the artwork of this deck has very little in common with the more traditional decks.
Although this deck is accurate when the cards are read with the traditional meanings, they do (as with every deck) have their own unique way of speaking, and I have enjoyed learning their language.
This deck is published through Llewellyn, but don’t let that put you off. It does mean that the bag that comes with the deck is a bit flimsy, and the book is well printed, but not as informative as you might hope for if this is your first deck.
As this deck does tie into the Cthulhu Mythos, I recommend a good knowledge of both tarot and the mythos to really get the most from working with this deck.

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