The future for us

  • Question asked by Johnnie:

    Just started dating this girl and I want to know what future holds for us?

  • Your question has been answered by Firechild. She's using the Vertigo Tarot deck Please consider making a donation to the reader's chosen charity: Halo Trust
  • CARD 1 (current situation): 5 OF WANDS:

    You are both passionate by nature. Things heating up quickly. However, a few weeks of things becoming conflicted. You may have “bumped heads” on a few occasions, and insisted “I’m right!” There’s a lot of excitement in this relationship, but also some bruised egos and harsh exchanges. Both of you may be prone to arguing and can temperamental, however you enjoy resolving your differences and celebrating afterwards.


    CARD 2 (challenge): 10 OF CUPS

    Relax! Although this doesn’t seem to come easily to either one of you. You deserve peace, happiness and comfort. A calmer, more rational approach is needed to deal with present conflicts. A quiet night in or a weekend away could be very beneficial around this time.  Take care not to indulge in self-destructive coping mechanisms. Step out for a cleansing breath of fresh air. Spend some time near the water and its flexible, peaceful qualities.


    CARD 3 (outcome): DEATH

    Huge potential for growth and transformation here. Some of this girl’s best qualities: playful, beautiful, fascinating and full of surprises depicted here. And lots more delightful surprises are in store. If you can balance out your fiery natures with a calmer, more relaxed attitude I can see you, and this relationship bringing out the very best in her, and never a dull moment between you.

    Best of luck, Johnnie!

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