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  • Question asked by Sunni:

    Will he contact me again?

  • Your question has been answered by a regular reader. We used Divine chocolate coins to create an I Ching hexagram. Yummy! Please consider making a donation to the reader's chosen charity: The Clink Charity, an innovative approach to rehabilitation
  • Your result was hexagram 22 “Grace” changing on line 1 and line 4

    105px-Iching-hexagram-56.svgto hexagram 56 “The Wanderer”



    “‘Pi’: Grace has success.
    In small matters
    It is favourable to undertake something.”
    “‘Lü’: Success through smallness.
    Perseverance brings good fortune
    To the wanderer.”

  • Possibly you guys are genuinely interested in each other’s artwork, but it seems to me that this scenario is fuelled by lust- very nice when it happens- but not much deeper than that.

    The changing lines show the action. They suggest that you will meet face to face and not to hurry the event. Under no circumstances should you try, or enlist your mates to engineer, an ‘accidental’ encounter.  My translation says quite literally “he will woo at the right time” and that applies to both of you. Play it cool.

  • In order to engage, however briefly, one of you will have to step out of familiar territory onto the other’s turf. Be polite; stay cool and reserved in each other’s social world. You won’t have to make small-talk for long. You can end up with a very beneficial, if only occasional, relationship.

    Here we see a clear visual demonstration that the tables are going to be turned in this situation. The images- The Clinging Fire and The Keeping Still have been interchanged, swapping the emotional power dynamic. Enjoy.

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