What will happen?

  • Question asked by Manuela:

    How my career will go in the following months? What will happen?

  • Your question has been answered by a new reader, Firechild! For this question she is using the Vertigo tarot deck. Please consider making a donation to the reader's chosen charity: The Sophie Lancaster Foundation
  • 1st Card represents next month (May)

    2nd card represents 3 months later (August)

    3rd card represents 3 months after that (November)

  • You are the master of your ambition, and take charge of your career. You’ve had a spark for a creative idea, and next month will be the time you have all the time and resources to achieve your goal by autumn this year.

    The Star is the card of wish fulfilment. After the spark of inspiration, planning and resources seen in the previous card, something that you’ve wanted to achieve for a long time will manifest.  Your talents will pour out in many directions, and you will get recognition for your work.

    From November you will have accomplished a dream to cross off your life bucket list. A massive financial reward will be yours as a result. What next? A good time to, of course, treat yourself to something special for the end of the year!; and invest some of it towards planning for your next life goal in 2017.

    OVERVIEW: You will be in an ideal place career wise. You will be energetic and self-motivated.  You work best when you are your own boss and feel inspired. Keep your inspiration in a place where you will see it every day. Visualise your goal as if you’ve already achieved it. How do you want to celebrate when this has happened? What will you want to achieve next?

    Best of luck, Manuela!


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