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Tarot quiz


I came out right between Fool and Magician…


You Scored as 0 – The Fool The Fool is the most complex and most contradictory of all the Tarot cards. “I am not a number, I am a free man”. The Fool represents naivety and childlike innocence – yet the Fool is wise. He carries only what possessions he really needs He journeys through life, tasting everything it has to offer then letting it go and moving on. The Fool is a risk taker, often shown with one foot over a cliff showing us every new beginning has a risk. Whether the Fool represents opportunity or danger one thing is clear: this world needs more fools.

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We’d love to be cool enough to be their friends.

Is theAnticraft the wickedest site on the internet? Here you’ll find out how to knit spells into your boyfriend’s sweater, construct ‘beaded pendants of blindness and insanity’ and sew your own merkin. Serious craftwork thrillingly combined with doses of anarcha-feminism, humour, and fabulous merchandising. Not forgetting the best disclaimer page ever.