What’s My Fate?

Got a burning question for the Fickle Finger of Fate?

Step this way…

We’re offering short, snappy readings right here. These will be answered by the regular readers, and by our special guests- using cards, bones, shells and any other methods we know.


How does it work?

Is there a catch?

We’ll be putting your question and our replies up on this site. This means the the results- and your chosen name- will be very public.

(If you prefer something private, get your own microreading- sent to you by SMS or email. It’s fast and secure- only £1.50!)

Right now we cannot guarantee any reader’s availability, so you cannot choose your reader. But this may change in the future.


To get your free ‘taster’ reading just fill in the form below. Remember to add your date of birth!

If you want to read other folk’s questions and replies, see here.

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