Who are we?

We all have day jobs and should know better. Hence we don’t put our faces up on the website. And most of our takings are for charities. We are serious, proud and compassionate about what we do.


What do we think we’re doing?

Our mission is to bring back the glamour and mystery of fortune telling. We go against the current grain of fluffy psychological, new-age style approaches. Think candle-lit parlours. We want to be  magical, challenging, maybe even spooky. Syncretic if appropriate, but only when we’ve done our homework. There’s no k in our magic.  (But we’d go for old-fashioned laudanum. Or maybe raw fly agaric in a Scandinavian wilderness for 6 days.)


Would you like to join us?

We have a couple of requirements:

1) It’s a shallow world out there. You must look the part, be charming and put people at their ease.
2) Underneath all that you’ll need to know your stuff- the more obscure or exotic the better.

So if, for instance, you’re a Victorian-caped phrenologist, who also has a PhD in the neurosciences, Contact Us.